Snelling Re-elected!

From VTDigger:
“In the Senate, early results show that 18 Democratic incumbents appeared to be headed back to the Green Room, while Republicans Richie Westman, Peg Flory, Kevin Mullin, Joe Benning and Diane Snelling held their own.”

Senator Snelling Re-elected!

Six for state Senate from Chittenden County

From the Free Press

[...] Diane Snelling, Hinesburg, Republican: Snelling, who describes herself as an “ethnic Republican,” sees an important role for someone “in the middle” in the Legislature. She declares Vermont “doesn’t need a lot of new laws.” The Senate would be well served by the return of someone who sees herself as avoiding the extremes and embraces the idea that the state’s problems can be tackled with something other than additional legislation. [...]

Candidate Q&A: State Senate – Chittenden County

From the Free Press

Why do you support or opposed basing F-35 jets with the Vermont Air National Guard at Burlington International Airport. Describe the positive or negative impacts on the community.


I strongly support the 158th Fighter Wing Vermont Air National Guard and their dual mission to the state of Vermont and our nation. I am grateful and proud of the Air Guard’s expertise and courage in defending our freedom. I want all of our military to have the safest and most effective equipment.

I have listened to constituent concerns and have tried to research the issue as much as possible.

However, the decision of whether or not to base the F-35A in Burlington will be made by the Air Force and not the Legislature. When the Legislature reviews an issue we hear direct testimony on pros and cons, and receive substantial information. Without that process, and without evidence, it’s impossible to reach a thoughtful answer.

Neighbors need clear answers to their questions about noise and the impact on property value, and we would all benefit from a better understanding of the future plans for the 158th Fighter Wing.