Sweet 17? A Readers Guide to the Crowded Chittenden County Senate Race

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[...] Snelling, the sole Republican representing the county in the senate, says she has survived politically because voters view her as a moderate and an independent — not as a member of the GOP.

“You have to choose a party, and I come from a long line of good Republicans and believe very much in having content-based conversations about issues, not politics,” says the daughter of former governor Richard Snelling and former lieutenant governor Barbara Snelling.

A member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Snelling says she’ll continue to focus on fiscal issues if reelected — particularly “measuring the results we get and the dollars we spend.”

“We can have all the arguments we want about which programs to support, but first we need to know what the dollars are doing,” she says. [...]

Diane and Others on Report from Montpelier, March 2012

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Senator Snelling and others discuss a variety of issues from the 2012 legislative session.

Representatives of the Vermont Senate and Shumlin Administration take phone calls and questions. Mark Johnson hosts.

Senator Jane Kitchel, D – Caledonia Co.
Senator Diane Snelling, R – Chittenden Co.
Jeb Spaulding, Administration Secretary

VPR News: Maude Barlow, Diane Snelling & William Driscoll on Vermont’s groundwater issues

Tuesday, 04/01/08
Jane Lindholm
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A bill that cleared the Vermont Senate last week would declare Vermont’s groundwater a “public trust” to be managed for the good of everyone in the state. The bill would also establish a permitting process for most groundwater withdrawals above a certain size. The measure is about to move on to the House. Maude Barlow is an author and water advocate. Diane Snelling is a Chittenden County Senator and key proponent of groundwater protection. William Driscoll is Vice President of Associated Industries of Vermont. They spoke with VPR’s Jane Lindholm about Vermont’s water and the bill.

VPR: StoryCorps: Thirty Years of Service – Barbara and Diane Snelling

First aired on Vermont Public Radio 8/31/06

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StoryCorps is a national initiative to document everyday history and the unique stories of America to be archived at the Library of Congress. This collection of first person stories will eventually grow into an oral history of America, providing a record of the way we live today as well as how we got here. Vermont Public Radio hosted the StoryCorps mobile recording booth in August 2006 to record stories of Vermonters. VPR is sharing some of those stories…. Barabara and Diane Snelling visited the StoryCorps Mobile Booth to talk about their family?s history. Barabara?s husband, the late Governor Richard Snelling, was Vermont?s longest-serving governor. She herself served as lieutenant governor …and daughter Diane is currently a member of the Vermont Legislature. In this edition of StoryCorps in Barbara and Diane Snelling reflect on participating in three decades of Vermont politics, starting with Richard Snelling?s first run for lieutenant governor.