Snelling Re-elected!

From VTDigger:
“In the Senate, early results show that 18 Democratic incumbents appeared to be headed back to the Green Room, while Republicans Richie Westman, Peg Flory, Kevin Mullin, Joe Benning and Diane Snelling held their own.”

Senator Snelling Re-elected!

Sweet 17? A Readers Guide to the Crowded Chittenden County Senate Race

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[...] Snelling, the sole Republican representing the county in the senate, says she has survived politically because voters view her as a moderate and an independent — not as a member of the GOP.

“You have to choose a party, and I come from a long line of good Republicans and believe very much in having content-based conversations about issues, not politics,” says the daughter of former governor Richard Snelling and former lieutenant governor Barbara Snelling.

A member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Snelling says she’ll continue to focus on fiscal issues if reelected — particularly “measuring the results we get and the dollars we spend.”

“We can have all the arguments we want about which programs to support, but first we need to know what the dollars are doing,” she says. [...]