How to Help

Election eve 1976 - celebrating my father's election as Governor of Vermont

Election eve 1976 – celebrating my father’s election as Governor of Vermont

The Chittenden County Senate race is very competitive and covers a very large district.  I need to raise enough money to get my message out and reach every voter. Every dollar will help. I also need volunteers who care deeply about Vermont’s future to participate in the campaign.

Please contribute to Snelling for Senate. The maximum donation allowed per person is $2,000. Of course, any amount is appreciated.

There are other ways to contribute. Call us for a yard sign and put it on your lawn. Tell your friends and neighbors about my campaign and why you’re supporting me. Remind a friend that every vote counts and encourage them to vote or register to vote if they haven’t already.

I will be campaigning hard in every town and I look forward to working with you.

Please send your contribution to:
Snelling For Senate
PO BOX 4098

Or donate via Paypal:


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